Building A Scalable Dental Operation

Building A Scalable Dental Operation

While there are many principles that run across all industries when it comes to growing, and maintaining, a business, when it comes to dentistry – there a couple of changes that may make all the difference. First of all, if you run a boutique practice, then you are not “in business.” I know it may be tough to understand, or even read right now, but the reality is that if you are the one doing all the work – you simply do not have a business. What you have is a job you have created for yourself.

A “business,” is a set of systems that can be ran by others that you have trained. Even better are systems being ran by people you have had OTHERS train. The idea with running ab business is that you are growing it, and looking for new ways to innovate, and make sure you are on the cutting-edge of your industry. If you dental practice is not thinking along those lines, then you are not in business.

So first things first, make sure you have a plan in place to bring others on board to help you do most of the money-making activities, like cleanings, x-rays, and prep work of more advanced procedures. As a dentist your job is to be the “authority,” and you enter the room to provide “value.” When a patient sees you, they need to feel appreciative of you taking the time to see them. We know this goes against all normal behavior we’ve come to expect from a dentist’s office, but it’s been absolutely proven to work.

The reality is unless you are a pediatric dentist, then there’s no need to treat adults like children. They need to feel like you are the only one in the world who can handle their problem. Even better, they need to feel like they would have no one else handle their problem but you. To do that means you need to position yourself properly. In other words, you are always warm, cordial, and easy to talk with, but you also don’t make yourself overly available. Being too familiar means they may see you as a normal person, and in a place where you’re running a business, the person at the top cannot afford to lose their authority positioning.

With authority, you can raise your prices, and your patients won’t mind. They will even come to expect it. Again, these may not be warm, and fuzzy, ideas, but they have been proven to work in dental operations that scale. It’s what our partners at Clear Braces Pros are doing, and it’s why we are confident they will work for you – if you put them into practice.

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